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living in TEMI
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Up to a hundred people are living
and working at
Temi Community, including socially vulnerable children, adults and the

Learn more about their lives and how you can support them in developing a resilient and dynamic community.

TEMI is a community in Gremi, a little village in the north-east of Georgia close to the Caucasus mountains. It is a community where people with different backgrounds come together to care, live and work for and with each other.
In a country like Georgia where social structure is mainly defined by family and relatives, this is a very unfamiliar and new approach.
Of those who live in TEMI, only 27 are currently receiving financial support by the government.
The other TEMI beneficiaries include single mothers, neglected and partially disabled children and adults from torn-apart families and elderly people lacking family support, for whom TEMI finds ways to cared for and fed.
Because of the undeveloped social-system in Georgia such misfortunes have no hope of civil support.
Even though we are doing everything in our power to make TEMI as independent and self-sustaining as possible, we have very limited financial possibilities to sustain the holistic well-being of our community members.